I have paid for the order but have not received confirmation

Your order payments are confirmed on-screen as well as by an order confirmation email. Leave a few minutes after payment and check your inbox and spam folder for your order confirmation. If you encounter any error message on-screen or did not receive an order confirmation, please contact us at orders@wandigroup.co.za before attempting a new order.

Bulk order for establishments

The prices offered are for individual consumers and if you require larger quantities, please contact us at orders@wandigroup.co.za for a custom quote.

My payments are not going through

Payments may fail due to many reasons and the following are the most common:


  • Corporate Credit Cards – Only personal credit cards are accepted, please use an appropriate credit card.
  • Time Out / Page Expired – contact us at orders@wandigroup.co.za before re-trying payment 
  • Insufficient Funds – Please speak to your bank
  • Fraud (black listed card or bank) – Please speak to your bank
  • Secondary Authentication Failed – Please keep your secondary authentication device nearby for quick access
Buying Accessories

We offer a select range of accessories online, which can be safely transported nationally.


However if you wish to have an item which is not offered online please contact us at orders@wandigroup.co.za with a picture or any identifiable characteristic of the item.

Privacy and security of your payments and credit card number

When you pay for your order, the information is directly typed on to the bank’s (payment gateway) secure websites; we do not receive or retain your payment or credit card information on our website.

Invoice for Orders

Your order confirmation contains all the necessary information for an invoice. However if you require a special invoice for reimbursement or documentation purposes please contact us at orders@wandigroup.co.za with your order number.

I have only received a part of my order

We ship your complete order under a single airway bill unless notified prior. However a single airway bill could contain multiple boxes which may be delivered in part by the courier. 

Order Cancellation

Orders may be cancelled by notice to orders@wandigroup.co.za upto 2 days from the date of order placement, and if the parcel is not already in transit.

My order has been damaged

We make sure that items are packed securely with necessary padding and support. However we have noticed that some boxes have been opened by local customs for inspection and have been damaged in the process.


Our courier partners are trustworthy, hence when they deliver your package to your door-step they will request for a signatory to sign and claim the parcel. If however there is no such possibility, you can also request that the package be left outside although doing so will be entirely at your own risk.


If you receive any items that are damaged please contact us at orders@wandigroup.co.za with a few pictures of the damage before 14 days of delivery so that we could request the courier for compensation.

Free Samples

If you wish to obtain some free samples, please send us a mail on orders@wandigroup.co.za

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