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All you need to know about English breakfast tea

All you need to know about English breakfast tea

English breakfast tea consists of black tea, with the tea leaves used in its composition hailing from several countries including Ceylon, India and Kenya.

These countries geographically produce tea with robust flavours that help build the flavour profile of English breakfast tea, and come with a hint of malt, a subtle sweetness and a buttery undertone. 

English breakfast tea is a staple on every breakfast table and buffet; similar to most other breakfast tea varieties, English breakfast tea also provides a boost of energy and helps with focus and concentration. It is an excellent brew to choose when you want to start your day right and take on the busy day ahead.

Other than the burst of energy it brings along with improved focus, English breakfast tea also boasts of a host of several other health benefits, including being rich in antioxidants. Some properties in English breakfast tea may even help halt the reduction in bone density, and help strengthen bones.

English breakfast tea is generally enjoyed with a dash of milk and a spoonful of sugar or a squeeze of lemon, but the sky’s the limit for this very popular flavour when it comes to infusing it in tea inspired recipes.

English breakfast tea is a classic brew with a rich, long history, and has stolen the hearts of tea enthusiasts globally, owing to its unique flavour and pure aroma. While English breakfast tea is normally enjoyed in the morning, you can have it anytime you want whenever you are in the mood for the perfect pick-me-up.


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