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Is organic tea better than regular tea?

Is organic tea better than regular tea?

Modern innovations and technology have paved the way for new methodologies and techniques that refine how tea is made. Our growing consciousness towards the well-being of the environment and the ecosystem around us has also impacted a few of these innovations pertaining to the tea industry. One such development is the adoption of methodologies that promote sustainable farming and harvesting of tea. Such techniques may not have been exclusively practised in the past unlike in modern times, mostly because old tea plantations always produced their harvest organically, which was the norm back in the day.

Organic tea is produced using no chemicals and pesticides. The tea plant 100% relies on the nutrients and the goodness of the earth to grow healthy tea plants. The naturally grown tea plants absorb the natural minerals from the soil, depending on the fresh water and grow alongside the other flora and fauna, rather than growing in battle with them. The growth of organic tea may be slow.

However, The ultimate question may be whether organic tea is better than regular tea.

Research and studies have been conducted to check whether organic food items are healthier than non-organic alternatives. These studies have discovered that organic food options are 18%-69% richer in antioxidants, which are natural healing properties that help fight free radicals in the body.

However, it must be remembered that all non-organic teas may be unhealthy. If done right under the appropriate conditions and recommended usage of pesticides and herbicides, among other measures, some non-organic teas can be even healthier than organic versions. Equally, organic tea can also be unhealthy as not all that nature produces are free of toxins and without chemicals to prevent their damage, the toxins may be absorbed into the tea.

Organic tea may not always be the most delicious when compared to non-organic tea. The flavours and the aroma may be what it is naturally meant to be.

In the end, both organic and non-organic tea have their benefits and drawbacks. When you make your purchase decision, ensure to research and select the best organic tea for a better tea-drinking experience.

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