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Types of teas available in South Africa?

Types of teas available in South Africa?

South Africa, a blessed country with so much diversity in every nook and corner, is also one of the most influential nations in the world. The beauty of South Africa transcends their picturesque landscapes, beautiful beaches and exotic flora and fauna. South Africa’s Eastern Cape is home to the camellia Sinensis plants that produce black tea. However, tea production in South Africa is not one of their largest exports as the production is somewhat smaller compared to other producers.

But, one can still come across a wide variety of tea in South Africa. The red bush tea, also known as Rooibos tea, is native to South Africa and has made the country proud in the international arena. The aromatic and flavorful rooibos tea from South Africa is packed with benefits for the consumer. Being a herbal tea, it is free of caffeine. However, some infusions may include the essence of caffeine.

You can also find Kenyan tea and its many flavours in South Africa. From Kenyan black tea to purple tea, tea from Kenya is quite famous in South Africa. Further, tea from Malawi, Zimbabwe and Tanzania are also among the popular teas in South Africa.

Additionally, Ceylon tea in South Africa is also highly favoured. The emerging inquisitiveness in Ceylon tea is evident. The average consumption of black tea in South Africa amounts to an estimated number of 27,000 metric tonnes every year. Ceylon tea in South Africa is addressing 10% of the total demand. Ceylon tea, rich in antioxidants and packed with robust flavours and a relaxing aroma, is highly beneficial for enjoying a peaceful state of mind, enjoying a burst of energy whenever required, and improving focus. Moreover, Ceylon tea is excellent for preventing several health issues such as Diabetes, Cholesterol and other conditions.

The range of tea in the market is growing rapidly, and South Africa will have an even better selection of teas in the next few years. The expansion of the assortment of teas in South Africa will hopefully generate more interest in consuming tea and its myriad health benefits to the tea enthusiasts in South Africa.

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