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Everything you need to know about authentic Earl Grey tea.

Everything you need to know about authentic Earl Grey tea.

Earl Grey tea is a classic infusion of black tea and Bergamot oil. The aroma of the Bergamot fruit adds character to this bereft brew, blending perfectly with its robust flavours. The history of Earl Grey tea is somewhat murky, and there are various origin stories to this classic brew. However, one of the most famous ones suggests that Earl Grey tea was named after an Earl in Great Britain, who accidentally tasted this aromatic and well-brewed infusion from China. Hence, it is vital to note that the original brewing of black tea and Bergamot, the main ingredients, was created in China.

A few Earl Grey tea benefits are found in all types of tea that contain black tea. However, Bergamot oil has elevated the value of Earl Grey tea with a lot more health benefits.

Bergamot oil has antibacterial and antidepressant properties. Antidepressant properties help brighten the mood, while antibacterial properties help strengthen the immunity against bacterial infections.

Earl Grey tea is packed with caffeine, boosting energy and improving focus. Earl Grey tea also contains a significant level of Theanine, which is a natural chemical that helps relax the mind, improving concentration on work and studies. Earl Grey tea also carries high levels of catechins, which are healing properties that may aid in fighting off infections. The excellent mix of the two ingredients also contains fluoride, which is beneficial for oral and dental health. Finally, Earl Grey tea helps with digestion and improves gut health by developing good bacteria in the digestive system.

Earl Grey tea can be made using various methods. The most common may be to brew it with freshly boiled water and have it by itself. If an enhancement of flavours is required, a dash of milk or a spoonful of sugar may do the trick. You can also add other ingredients and experiment with what can be done with the best Earl Grey tea. For instance, the Earl Grey iced tea recipe by Chef Shahid Latif uses the flavours of the best Earl Grey tea. However, if you want to try out a more complicated recipe that uses the flavours of the best Earl Grey tea, the Dilmah Citrus recipe by Chef ML Aravinda would be a perfect opportunity.

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